Lake Viking Church
Phone: 660-663-3914
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to serving you...
Sunday School                           9:00 AM
Worship Service                       10:00 AM
Ladies Bible Study                    11:00 AM
Youth Group                               6:30 PM
Adult Bible Study                        7:00 PM

Fellowship Dinner
Second Wednesday each month 6:00 PM
​ Lake Viking Church is an Interdenominational Church founded on May 28, 1972 as a mission church.  Services were held at the Lake Viking  clubhouse for several years until a church could be built.  The first church service was held in the new building on November 3, 1985.  The church has had 3 pastors.   Rev. Joseph Palmer was our first pastor and  retired after 9 years of service.  Rev. Alvin Hillman was our second pastor and retired after 14 years of service.  Alvin may have retired as pastor of Lake Viking Church, but he is still serving the Lord and is still active in our services and in our community.   Rev. Robert A. Nelson started November 2006 and is our current pastor.  God has truly blessed our church with faithful leadership though the years. 

Pastor Robert A. Nelson
Jo Gould
Johnny Brown 
Worship / Music Leader
Kyle Parkhurst
Choir Director